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 Medical Tourism For All !!! We make It Possible With Our Affordable Insurance.

Our Health Insurance Packages Are Designed to Cover Medical Tourism Expenses With An End-to-to Service.

Why Medical Tourism Insurance

Most health insurance does not cover medical tourism expenses and people who need specialized treatment that is financially inaccessible or not available in their country of residence must self-finance their medical trip to another country or die. As self-funded patients, people also need to deal with the pain of planning a medical trip in a foreign country. In many developing countries there is a lack of adequate healthcare facilities and specialists to treat some conditions, and when people get sick they have to self fund a medical trip or die.

We provide medical tourism insurance packages that allows subscribers to travel to the most reliable medical destination on earth to access quality care. We take care of everything for the clients from the medical appointments with the specialists in a foreign country to travel planning, visas procedure and accommodation. We cover all the cost, our insurance packages are designed as an all inclusive formula to fully serve our subscribers so they can focus on their health and recovery.

How It Works

Get a Policies

Contact us or visit our partners to get enrolled in one of our insurance plans. This step is very easy and straightforward.

Call Us When needed

In case you get sick and need to travel for treatment, just contact us via the information provided on your insurance policy. A dedicated case manager will follow up with you and take care of everything on your behalf. 

You Are All Set

Be completely relaxed, just focus on your health and recovery. We will take care of all the details for you.

What We Offer

Medical Appointment with world class specialists

Prescription Drugs Coverage

Travel Arrangement, Visas Procedure & Accommodation

Follow Up Care Coverage

Inpatient and Outpatient Care Coverage

Customize Coverage

Plans & Pricing


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